How to Make Your Engine Look Clean

If you would like to sell your car in Dallas, there are certain steps you can take to prepare it to get the best price. Most sources will tell you how to prepare the exterior and interior of the vehicle, but some don’t offer how to make your engine look clean. If a lot of miles have been put on your vehicle, which is the case for most people if they are considering a sale, your engine should look as clean as the rest of the car.

That being said, cleaning and detailing an engine isn’t quite as easy as running the car through a car wash. There are some very important steps you should take before you grab the hose and spray down the engine block.

Never clean a hot engine: We recommend warming up the car for only a minute to loosen build-up. And since you’ll be dealing with engine buildup, make sure to clean the engine where you can collect wastewater to keep it from going down the drain.

Clean the battery: Remove the battery cables by disconnecting the negative cable first, then the positive and set aside. Access the battery tray to clean the corrosion with a wire brush. Once clean, protect the tray by spraying it with a rust resistant enamel. Then soak the cable ends in a corrosion neutralizer and brush them clean with a terminal brush. Lastly, use a wire brush on any remaining accumulated rust and replace the battery.

Prep the engine: Use plastic bags to cover the alternator, distributor, exposed filters, exposed electrical components, air intake and carburetor, and engine computer.

Brush loose dirt or debris away: Use a stiff bristle brush to clean dirt and debris away from engine surfaces.

Wash the engine: Mix together a solution of grease cutting dish detergent and water to use to clean the engine. Brush the solution on engine parts to work out the dirt and debris. Then spray the engine with a garden hose using low pressure to remove dirt and debris.

Degrease the engine: Any areas that have accumulated grease can be cleaned with a degreaser. Just make sure to read the degreaser directions and the vehicle owner’s manual to see what degreaser would work best for different parts of the engine.

Remove plastic bags: Make sure to remove all the plastic bags used to cover sensitive or exposed areas of the engine.

Finish detailing: Aluminum parts should be scrubbed with a wire brush and CLR, but with little pressure. Plastic parts should be scrubbed with a stiff plastic bristle brush then rinsed and dried.

Let the engine dry: The engine needs to be completely dry before it is started again.

That’s a wrap: Your engine should now look like new and performance will improve as an added perk.

Once you learn how to make your engine look clean, you can keep it clean for years to come or go the extra mile to impress a buyer when you sell your car in Dallas. If you’re not interested in cleaning your engine as much as you are making some extra cash off your car right now, consider vOffer for an easy offer. vOffer’s guarantee gives you even more money than the competition in a simple, hassle-free, and professional process.