How Leases Work – Selling a Leased Car in Dallas, TX

Understanding a lease can be a tricky when you want to sell a leased car in Dallas, TX. If you thought it was tough to get into a lease, getting out of one is even trickier. But you do have an option for a quick turnaround when you want to sell your leased car… Not only will vOffer simply buy your lease, the process is fast (less than 24 hours), relatively easy (no penalties, no transfer fees), won’t affect your credit score, and there are no extra end-of-lease expenses. Sounds like a win for everybody involved! Let’s take a look at what it looks like to sell your leased car in Dallas without vOffer… offers a low-hassle way to sell a leased car in Dallas, TX.

Break or terminate your lease

If you decide to return the vehicle and refuse to pay, your credit report will be negatively impacted and the transaction will be listed as repossession on your credit. You could return the car and just pay all the extra fees; it’s not great, but at least your contract is ended amicably.

Swap your lease

You do have the option of transferring your lease to a third party, called a lease assumption. Another person takes over the lease payments and returns the vehicle at the end of the lease. This would be a smooth transaction if it weren’t for the amount of legal paperwork required to make it happen. Typically lawyers and the leasing company need to be involved to oversee every step of the arrangement, prolonging the transaction for weeks or even months. Plus there are many fees involved as well.

Sell your lease

The last option is to sell your lease to an authorized, licensed and bonded dealer like A leasing company inspector would keep an eye out for how much additional money could be made on excess wear and tear, or perhaps a higher odometer reading then agreed in the contract. But when a vOffer representative inspects your vehicle, he or she is doing so in an unbiased and fair way. Selling a leased car in Dallas with vOffer results in a fast, relatively easy, less expensive transaction that won’t affect your credit score.